کارگاه های مکانیکی

5کارگاه های مکانیکی

Established in 1975, by a group of university professors, our activities began with design, supply and realizing the projects in electrical domains.
During its life time, and in spite of all kinds of problems, our company had benefited from qualified and experienced workforce. With help of engineers and technicians, men and women who attributed to the development of our products and services, we are now one of the main pillars of Iranian Electrical Industries, in domain of Electrical Engineering Services, High Voltage Turn-Key High Voltage Electrical Sub-Stations projects, and many other electrical sub-stations and electrical project.

Of course, we continue our development in order to supply the best services and to manufacture the best quality productions, thanks to the serious effort of our managers and experts, who benefits from the latest technologies and the strong international partners.

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