We at FULMEN perform design, procurement, management and execution of turn-key projects in terms of either new , development , renovation or extension of old stations in below cases:


1-Consultation, Design, Procurement and Execution of EPC projects in the fields of Electricity, Control and Protection in various industries

Optimization, Development, Reconstruction and Energy Saving Projects

Re-Engineering as well as Research & Development projects in Electricity Field

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical projects in JV with well-known International Partners


2-Conventional (AIS) or Gas Insulated Switchgear(GIS) High Voltage Sub-Stations (up to 400KV Voltage Level)

Design, Procurement, Civil Works, Installation, Maintenance and Commissioning for:

A: AIS or GIS HV Sub-Stations (72.5 KV to 420KV)

B: Highly Polluted industrial zones, Indoor type

C: Closed Areas, Compact type

D: Development or Renovation of in-Service Sub-Stations


3-AIS or GIS Mobile Sub-Stations

Design, Procurement, Manufacturing, Maintenance and Delivery of:

A: AIS Mobile Sub-station up to 145KV Voltage Level

B: GIS Mobile Sub-Station up to 245KV Voltage Level

C: Specially Designed Mobile Sub-Stations


4-AIS or GIS type Medium Voltage Electrical Panels ( Up to 36KV Voltage Level)

Design, Procurement, Manufacturing, Maintenance and Delivery of:

A: AIS or GIS Switchgear , Withdrawable or Fixed (3.6KV to 36KV)

B: Withdrawable Switchgear equipped with SF6 or Vacuum type Metal-Clad Circuit Breaker

C: Busbar configured Switchgears ( Single or Double)


5-Low Voltage Systems and Panels for Protection, Control and Energy Distribution

Design and Manufacturing of Fixed type Energy Distribution Panels ( AC or DC)

Design and Manufacturing of Withdrawable type Energy Distribution Panels ( MCC )

Design and Manufacturing of Protection & Control Panels ( Conventional or DCS)


6-Digital Control Systems Automation

Design and Implementation of Digital Control Systems for Electricity Sub-Stations or Industrial Zones

Design and Implementation of necessary Software and Hardware for above upon Standard Protocols

Full Training for Engineering and Service Teams either at design, test or Commissioning Stage


7-Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Industrial plants Projects

Design and Implementation of Control & Automation Systems for Industrial Plants

Design and Implementation of Energy Distribution Systems for Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Industrial Plants

Optimization and Renovation of In-Service Systems


8-Optimization, Development and Extension of In-Service Systems

Full Implementation of Electricity Sub-stations Development & Extension Projects

Design and Implementation of Optimized Revisions on old Energy Distribution, Control and Protection Panels

Design and Substitution of old or Defective Electrical Systems with new Systems upon latest Technical Developments