We are a group with activities in T&D domain (Transmission and Distribution of Electricity), who benefiting from one of the latest technologies and know-how of the world’s and benefiting from cooperation of the most experienced engineers, technicians and team work spirit, tries to manufacture the best products and services for local use in Iran and also for export to the targeted countries.

As one of the more experienced Iranian groups, in domain of Electrical Industries we benefit of high credibility, inside and out-side Iran. To preserve our reputation, we try to manufacture high quality products and services, in our domain of activities; Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Project Management and Participation in Investment in projects relevant to Electrical Industries.

By benefiting of high-technologies and up-dated systems, which permit us to manufacture high quality products and services, we have now a considerable portion of local markets and be among the premier Iranian companies in domain of design, manufacturing and project management.

We believe that our most important capital is our high-tech human forces, which is the ax of success in our activities. Therefore, we pay utmost attention to their recruitment, training and preserving.

Encouraging motivation, job-satisfaction, creating friendly work ambiance, which go parallel to our objectives for enhancing culture level and human values in our stuffs, are our main path in Human Resources unit.

We respect our social obligations, during realization of our projects. Therefore, we respect regulations regarding natural environment, and also the life quality of humans, who are the final user of our products and services. We believe that this scrupulous behavior alongside to our respect for professional ethics are the reason of our goods reputation among the people and our final clients.