FDV3 series indoor type medium-voltage VCB is designed as series embedded pole type circuit breaker mainly by German experienced experts, its embedded pole is made through APG process, make its vacuum interrupter with super lower resistance and upper/lower contacts directly embedded in epoxy  resin, it forms the third generation of Solid insulation way.

The third generation FDV3 VCB not only avoids the possibility of the leakage and damage during transportation or installation made by the first generation air insulation cantilever type VCB, but also fully avoids the insulation decreasing made by the second generation VCB as static electricity adsorption onto ceramic surface of the interrupter.  The  third  generation  embedded
poles are maintenance-free within its lifetime.

Applicable standards for FDV3 are:
–    IEC 62271-100
–    IEC 60694
The products are tested and certified according
to abovementioned standards.