Activities Years
Creation of Fulmen, for commercial activities & procurement of equipment, 1975
Start of industrial activities in Iran, due to suspension and cessation of activities of foreign companies 1978
Manufacturing of 1st 20 KV Withdrawable Metal Clad Panel type DNG in Iran, 1981
Signing the 1st Iranian contract for design and procurement of 63 KV Sub-Station of Mazandaran, 1984
Creation of Pars Tableau Co., for manufacturing of Control Protection Panels and Low Voltage Panels, 1985
Creation of Gital Co., for manufacturing the Bus-bar Trunking Systems 1986
Singing the 1st Iranian contract for design and procurement of 230 KV Sub-Stations, 1992
Creation of Tehran Padena Co., for manufacturing Low Voltage Switches under the licence of Unelec, 1994
Creation of Palayesh Niroo Co., for manufacturing of Capacitor and Power Quality Solution Projects, 1994
Getting the licence for manufacturing the High Voltage Switchgear from ALSTOM-France, 1996
Creation of Ahmad-Abad factory, for manufacturing Control-Protection panels, 1998
Signing the contract for 18 x 230/400 KV Sub-Stations and realizing activities in 400 KV domain, 1998
Signing two finance contracts with French and Spanish financers, 1998
Design and manufacturing of 63 KV Mobile Sub-Stations, 1998
Signing the 1st export contract with Syria for 6×63 KV Sub-Stations, 1999
Design and realization of 1st DCS Sub-Station in Iran,                                2001
Realization of 1st GIS Sub-Station in Iran, with technology of ALSTOM-France, 2001
Acquisition of Mehr-Abad Industries Co., panel manufacturing company from Iranian Privatization Organization 2004
Signing the contact for design and realization of 3×230 KV Sub-Stations in Senegal, 2005
Beginning of procedure to get and transfer the LPGIS Technology to Iran, 2008
Signing an industrial & commercial agreement with South Korean company, Hyundai Heavy Industries, 2009
Beginning of procedure to develop new Industrial Products with most recent European technologies, 2010