In 2021, Fulmen group will have small and strong main body, with more flexibility and dynamism, in order to overcome most of our principal needs to products, in T&D domain, inside of our group. In this objective to reach to self-sufficiency inside our group, we should put accent on our R&D units, to create new products, to experience in new fields, and to up-graded our current technologies.

Fulmen is an example to prove that it is possible to create and to preserve a great industrial complex in Iran, to the point that Fulmen is now recognized as a well-known Iranian brand in T&D domain, both inside and outside Iran.

Within 10 years, Fulmen group will be a balanced industrial entity, active in all T&D domains relevant to Projects Management, Design and Engineering, Manufacturing of Strategic Products with the latest worldwide technologies. And finally the Fulmen’s trade mark will be recognized as one of the International leader companies in T&D domain, who benefits from the latest worldwide technologies, who manufactures the new products, who improves the methods & tools of production, who is leader in quality and productivity, and who benefits from modern systems in management, R&D and applied development.