• AMS is a state-of-the-art switchgear developed by German experts.
  • AMS is designed for full ratings of medium voltage switchgear, rated voltage ranged from 7.2kV up to 40.5kV.
  • AMS is a fully metal-clad, air insulated, arc-proof and compact design switchgear.
  • AMS is equipped with next generation cassette type of withdrawable embedded pole vacuum circuit breaker.
  • High speed earthing switch with short circuit making capability is employed in AMS switchgear.
  • The mechanical strength and anti-corrosion properties of the structural frame of AMS are ensured by ALUZINC sheet metal with double bending and riveting fixing technology.
  • Optimized electrical field and electrode screen technology are adopted to achieve high insulation reliability of AMS.
  • AMS has a cable compartment with ample space and the cable connection height is up to 800mm.
  • AMS is designed with a perfect interlocking system which provides highest safety for operating personnel and equipment itself.
  • AMS has inspection windows for both breaker and cable compartments, through which, the position of withdrawable unit of the breaker and the situation of the cable connection can be observed easily.
  • AMS can be equipped with traditional or integrated protection devices, as well as traditional CTS and VTs or sensors.
  • AMS is  safe and reliable switchgear which had been widely accepted by various customers around the world.
Item  Technical Data Description
1 Rated Voltage 24KV
2 Rated Frequency Withstand Voltage 50KV
3 Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage ( BIL) 125KV
4 Rated Busbar Current UP TO 2500A
5 Rated current for Feeder UP TO 2500A
6 Rated short time Current/ time 25KA/3s
8 Degree of protection IP4X
9 Frequency 50HZ
10 C.B use Vacuum
11 Width – mm (800)1000
12 Depth – mm 1680
13 Height – mm 2250